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Proposal presented by: Ross Mould Marketing & Consulting Services

Dear Eric,

Thank you for contacting me and considering me for your influencer marketing needs.

As we previously discussed, you are looking for an influencer and recruitment marketing freelancer to guide you and your brand through the process of influencer marketing, do high-quality work, grow the keywords brand and make you look good online.

I specialize in influencer marketing campaign execution and strategy, content creation, performance marketing, paid social, and integrated brand strategy and see endless potential in our potential partnership.

Scope of Services

I will customize my influencer marketing campaign to achieve the following measurable goals for Keywords Studios: Increase in Follower Count: We expect a growth of about 30-50% in your social media followers across platforms in the first six months, which translates into broader brand visibility and exposure. Spike in Job Applications: By raising awareness about Keywords Studios as an ideal workplace, we target to increase job applications by 40% within the first quarter. Enhanced Brand Engagement: This would involve a surge in social media interactions such as likes, comments, and shares, enhancing the sense of community around your brand. Website Traffic: An estimated boost of 35-50% in website traffic over six months, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Influencer Identification and Outreach

I will utilize advanced analytics tools to identify influencers that align with your brand image and values across various platforms including social media, TikTok, YouTube and live streaming services such as Twitch and Kick. My focus will be primarily on influencers with a significant reach in the gaming and tech industries specifically game design, 3d modelling, etc. Once I've compiled a comprehensive list, I will conduct outreach on your behalf, negotiating rates, and establishing partnerships. As discussed in our call in order to minimize influencer rates I would be interested in working with you to establish merchandise branded with Keywords Studios logo as a "merch drop" as activation of a partnership between the influencer and your brand. As each influencer is different some may ask for more than others - this could be as simple as some merchandise and some game codes for a game that Keywords assisted in building or could go as far as a negotiated fee for a partnership spanning over a length of time - As these negotiated fees would be out with the outlined cost below I would be working with yourself or someone at Keywords to establish said agreement unless a budget is discussed for said fees.

Content Strategy and Creation

As an experienced content strategist, I will collaborate with influencers to design engaging and relevant content. This content will highlight the benefits and unique opportunities at Keywords Studios, ensuring it resonates with the target audience and prompts them to take the desired actions, such as following your social platforms or applying for jobs.

Campaign Execution

I will manage the entire process of campaign execution, from content scheduling to monitoring post performance, and ensuring brand guidelines are followed. I will continuously optimize the campaign based on real-time data to ensure maximum impact.

Metrics Tracking and ROI Analysis

I will set up an analytics dashboard to track all the vital metrics of the campaign, including follower growth, engagement rates, website traffic, and job application numbers (engagement rates, website traffic and job application numbers will require your input or access to said information). This data will provide regular progress reports and help me measure the effectiveness of the campaign against set KPIs. For ROI, I'll factor in the growth rate against the campaign cost to provide a clear picture of the investment return.

Crisis Management

In the dynamic world of social media, I am well-prepared to handle any unforeseen issues that may arise. I am skilled at crisis management and will be ready to intervene swiftly and effectively to protect your brand image.

Monthly Analysis

Once the campaign has concluded, I will conduct a thorough post-campaign analysis. This will highlight the campaign's strengths, areas for improvement, key learnings, and provide valuable insights for future strategies. Through these services, my aim is to deliver a successful influencer marketing campaign that will help position Keywords Studios brand as a top destination for game industry jobs, increase awareness, and enhance social media engagement.

Additional Recommendations

Creation of Discord Server

I would work to create a discord server as a one-stop area for influencers to connect and receive information from myself and anyone from Keywords Studios who would have interest in being involved in witnessing the campaign. This would allow for long-term relationships with influencers that can only help with brand awareness moving forward and allow for opportunities to work more with these influencers as they continue to grow.

Agreed Influencer Budget

In order to maximize the campaign as discussed above I would recommend a budget set aside specifically for influencer rates for those that warrant such negotiations, while the aim of the campaign would be to keep this cost as low as possible there are time when working with larger influencer that a one-off or recurring fee may be required.


Research, Strategy Development, and Influencer Identification - Detailed market research, competitive analysis, and strategy formulation to create a unique positioning for Keywords Studios in the gaming industry job landscape. - Utilize advanced analytics tools to identify potential influencers that resonate with the brand values and have a substantial reach in the gaming and tech industry. Influencer Onboarding and Content Strategy - Initiate outreach to potential influencers and negotiate partnership terms. - Onboard the selected influencers, aligning them with the brand's ethos and campaign goals. - Develop a comprehensive content strategy and begin the process of content creation in collaboration with influencers. - Content Finalization and Soft Launch Review, refine, and finalize the content. - Execute a soft launch of the campaign to test and measure initial responses. Optimize the campaign based on these insights. Official Campaign Launch - Officially launch the full influencer marketing campaign across all targeted social media platforms. -Continuously monitor and manage the campaign, making real-time adjustments as needed. Ongoing Campaign Management and Optimization - Keep the campaign active with regular, engaging content and engaging in content on behalf of Keywords Studios - Monitor key performance metrics such as follower growth, engagement rates, job applications, and website traffic. - Conduct monthly evaluation meetings to discuss campaign performance, achievements, and areas of improvement. - Implement necessary adjustments and optimizations for maximum impact. Campaign Review and Future Planning - Conduct a thorough review of the year-long campaign, analyzing all performance metrics, and determining the ROI. - Summarize the campaign's success, challenges, learnings, and potential areas of improvement. - Develop recommendations for future strategies, ensuring the continuation of successful elements, and introducing new initiatives for areas needing improvement. - Explore the potential for continued partnerships with successful influencers, and the identification of new ones for the upcoming year.

Estimated Timeline:

August 2023 - August 2024

Research, Strategy Development, and Influencer Identification
Initially 1 Month
Influencer Onboarding and Content Strategy
Content Finalization and Campaign Launch
1 - 3 Months
Campaign Management and Optimization
Campaign Review and Future Planning
Engaging with influencer content on behalf of Keywords Studios

Your Investment

Can you afford to work with an influencer? The real question is, can you afford NOT to include them in your marketing plan. You could waste hundreds or thousands using outdated marketing techniques, the wrong channel, or targeting the wrong buyer. Working with me ensures you know exactly who to target, why, and how. My price includes everything we spoke about in our meeting and the previous chapters of this proposal. It covers the full influencer marketing package, excluding any budget required for influencer posting which would be discussed post contact with said influencers or would come from the recommended budget.

Research, Influencer Identification, Onboarding and Strategy
Campaign Management, Optimization and Engagement on behalf of Keywords
Campaign Review, Reporting and Future Planning

Total: $4500

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