Content Strategy

From social media to website development, content is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy.

Having a solid content strategy is an important part of any effective digital marketing plan. Content refers to the subject matter of online material, including videos, blogs, articles, website copy (text), and social media posts. Therefore, a content strategy is the process for determining the role content will play in achieving your digital marketing goals.


Video is one of the most engaging forms of content and represents a powerful marketing tool. Most social media platforms can accommodate video and, video posts in social media and on your website typically perform far better than static images or text only. Let me work with you to determine if video makes sense as part of your content strategy.


The term blog is actually a short form of Web Log. It can be thought of as an online journal or a regular recurring news column allowing you to present insights on a topic relating to your business. I am a professional writer and will take the time to understand your business and create relevant blogs as part of your overall content strategy.

Social Media

Social media, including services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn, are environments that can help your business thrive. I help my clients utilize social media to help elevate their brands, create awareness, and drive interest through the mediums of Video, Photo and written content I can help increase your presence on social platforms and ensure results.

Website Copy

Website design and development is a big part of what I do. An often overlooked component to web design is website copy - including product and service descriptions, tips and ideas, background information about the business owners, and more. Your website's copy is a fundamental part of demonstrating your brand, your voice, and ensuring you stand out from your competition.